Odds are, your community is getting plenty of leads. However, sorting through your leads to find who is qualified can take a huge portion of your leasing team’s time. Time that can be spent retaining your current residents with community events and fantastic customer service. So how can you gain quality leads and cut back on wasted time? Here are 5 methods you can try to get the highest quality leads possible.

Have Someone Else Filter Your Leads

Having a chat option on your site allows prospects to have their inquiries answered and saves your leasing team time. Services such as Live Chat use a team of professional sales agents to qualify leads specifically for your community. Prospects can also access chat services outside your leasing office’s regular hours to make sure not a single lead is missed.

Implement an Income Qualifier

Having an income qualifier module available on your website can greatly reduce the time your leasing team spends chasing after unqualified leads. Applications like Income Calculator can even be customized for your specific community and its income requirements. Leads are then sent an email letting them know if they are qualified or if their status is pending. The end result? Your team spends less time giving tours to unqualified leads.

Give as Much Information as Possible

One of the best ways to filter out leads is to let prospects self-qualify themselves. Give as much information as possible in your listings and website. Include basics such as the number of beds, baths, price, move-in dates, and fees. High-quality photos of the interior and exterior of your community and the unit itself will qualify your leads even further. With all this information already given, your leasing team will know during a tour that the lead already likes the price point and appearance of the unit.

Get Referrals

Many qualified leads typically know other qualified leads. Ask your current residents to refer your community to their friends and family. Offer the resident a reward such as $100 off rent for them and their reference. The best part is both residents are more likely to stay longer with an acquaintance living in the community.

Schedule an Appointment ASAP

Once you have qualified your leads, the next step is to get them inside your community as quickly as possible. Leads that schedule a tour are significantly more likely to sign a lease than the ones that don’t. During the tour, your leasing agent should be asking any qualifying questions that weren’t asked before the tour. By the end of the tour, your team will have a much better idea of how likely the lead is to sign a lease. To get tours scheduled quickly, use an automatic tour scheduler on your site so prospects can set their appointment without having to go back and forth with your leasing team. This has the added benefit of saving time for not only qualifying your leads but setting up tours as well.


Unfortunately, not every lead is going to sign a lease, but we can minimize those rejections by using some of these methods and treating every lead like a future resident. Want to get started on qualifying your leads faster than ever? Check out the Income Calculator module powered by The Conversion Cloud.