Relevance = Conversions: Best Practices for Landing Pages

Let’s get relevant

Relevant landing pages are just as important as relevant search ads or display ads that drive traffic to your website! Creating a relevant landing page experience can boost prospect engagement on your site, drive more conversions, and ultimately extract the most value from your ad spend. 

This post will give you the best practices you need to make relevant landing pages. We understand that it can be a heavy burden to maintain a full quiver of landing pages, so we will also explore a simple and effective alternative that works for your team. Now let’s get relevant!

Relevancy at its finest

The recipe for a relevant landing page is made with a few ingredients:

  1. Page content that matches ad content
  2. Simple and pointed page structure
  3. The ability for prospects to take relevant action on your site

Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can mix these ingredients and cook up some success!

1. Match that content

Providing landing page content that doesn’t match the content in your ads makes prospects feel like they hopped a flight to Amsterdam and wound up in Morroco. Prospects expect a landing page that is dedicated to solving the need you outlined in your ad copy, whether it be scheduling an appointment or learning more about your company. A disconnect between ad and page content leaves the prospect confused, frustrated, and very likely to bounce from your website. And just think, you spent all that time and money getting the prospect to your page and then POOF, they bounced! Let’s fix that. 

If your ad says “Schedule an appointment today”, then ensure you are sending prospects to a page that informs about the appointment, provides availability, and lets them schedule. Clients will find this to be a significantly more relevant experience than if they land on the Home Page of your site where they do not find any of that relevant content.

Alternative! Don’t fret if your website doesn’t have enough landing pages to match all of the ads you are running. Your company can deep-link to tools like Schedule Genie and Concession Manager directly from your ads. This means that someone who clicks on a “Schedule an appointment now” ad can be brought directly to a calendar of available appointment times. No extra pages need to be created, just link the ad to your Schedule Genie calendar on any existing page of your site.

2. Keeping it simple

You worked hard to get prospects to your landing page so that they can convert! It can be tempting to put all the information that you find relevant to your customer on one landing page. Pleeeease, don’t! Overwhelming the prospect with too much information can cause them to quickly bounce from your page or get lost in the information without ever converting. Boil your message down to the necessary info that will address your prospects’ needs. This means you provide a clean-cut headline, subheadline, short body paragraph (if necessary), image, and the all-important call to action. 

The Conversion Cloud is an extremely effective way to call prospects to action on every page of your website. Your pages are simple and pointed to inform prospects—The Conversion Cloud provides pointed calls to action that get the conversions you want while maintaining a simple page structure.

3. Let them convert

You delivered a relevant ad to your prospect and they are viewing your relevant landing page. Now let’s give prospects a relevant channel to take action (not just a relevant call to action)! You can have a button that says “Schedule an appointment” and then proceed to make your prospect fill out a contact form and wait for a response… that’s not relevant. Your prospect was expecting to actually schedule an appointment, not wait around for a response. A relevant channel is one that allows a prospect to address their needs quickly and painlessly. And think about it, it’s a win-win. Allowing prospects to book an appointment means that you get a lead that is ready to meet with you rather than a contact form submission. 

Bummer. Creating a relevant channel for your prospects to take action can be tricky because it often means creating an entirely new tool for your website.

Alternative! There are ready-made tools that can help your community right now! An automated tour scheduler allows prospects to book tours at their convenience and receive instant confirmation… that is a relevant experience that drives conversions. Website tools like the ones created by The Conversion Cloud are easy to implement on your website and can dramatically increase the number of leads you get from website traffic. Providing relevant channels is the final and crucial step in driving conversions on your website. Don’t forget it!

You’ve got this

You need a relevant landing page experience because it can boost prospect engagement on your site, drive more conversions, and extract value from your ad spend. We now know that relevance is made from matching content, creating pointed landing pages, and providing relevant channels for customers to convert. Now it’s time to put these strategies in place and watch a steady stream of leads flow into your CRM! 

Want to learn more about The Conversion Cloud’s automated tour scheduler? Visit today!

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