Pre-Qualify Apartment Seekers with Income Calculator!

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Filter Out Unqualified Prospects

Unqualified prospects are a burden on your team⁠—let’s fix that! Automatically pre-qualify apartment seekers on your website before they visit your community.

How Income Calculator Works

  • Mouse Clicks

    Prospects Click

    Prospects click the Income Calculator app on your website

  • Mouse Clicks

    They Enter Information

    They enter their income, desired floor plan and the number of residents

  • Mouse Clicks

    You Get Leads

    Your team instantly receives a lead, their qualification status and the prospect receives a confirmation email

Income Calculator

Every qualification status is calculated using
your community’s specific income requirements!

Save Your
Team Time

The Income Calculator automatically pre-qualifies apartment seekers based on your community's custom income requirements. This saves your leasing team hours of following up with leads and manually calculating their qualification status.

Maximize Your
Rental Income

Automatically calculate the maximum allowable rent your affordable housing communities can charge a prospect. Get rental rate recommendations based on your custom settings.

Fill Vacancies Faster

At the end of the day, we care about your bottom line. Our tools turn your website visitors into pre-qualified leads so you can fill vacancies faster.