How to Use Your Tour Confirmation Email as a Marketing Tool

When an apartment seeker schedules a tour with your community through Schedule Genie, they receive an automated confirmation message. This email confirms the date and time of the appointment, links the community address with a map, provides the prospect with an “add to calendar” link, and lists instructions for rescheduling an appointment. In a recent update, we added custom messages in the body of these confirmation emails. Now your leasing team can use these notifications as a way to convey relevant information or nurture your leads through the leasing funnel. Here are some custom messaging ideas to get you started.


Do prospects often get lost trying to find your community? Make sure they find you in time for your tour appointment by providing them with additional directions in their confirmation email. If your leasing office isn’t located at the entrance with signs, make sure to include where it’s located on the property.

Parking Instructions

Do guests need to park in a certain spot or register their vehicle with the leasing team? Parking is one of the first experiences prospects have before entering your community. A troublesome parking experience can set a bad tone for your tour. Include parking instructions in your confirmation email to ensure prospects start their tour off on the right foot.


Do you have positive reviews from residents in your community? Use these marketing assets in your confirmation email to assure prospects that they are making the right choice in visiting your community. The more specific these reviews are, the better. We’ve all seen those five-star reviews that are so generic and quickly written that they seem fake. Use a testimonial that gives at least one reason why the reviewer loves your community.


Remind prospects that your community is the place to be with a branded message. Use your branding to establish why your community is unique and reinforce the reasons why a prospect should choose you over your competitors.

Social Media

Use your confirmation email to ask prospects to visit you on your preferred social channels. Add links in your custom message and send them straight to your community’s social pages. Moving the prospect over to your social channels keeps them engaged with your community before they tour and can help you sell your community’s lifestyle beyond your website.


Take the opportunity to sell your location. Location is often the most important thing to apartment seekers when they look for a home. Use the confirmation email to recommend local spots you think they should visit after their tour. If the prospect visits one of these places and has a positive experience, they’ll be more likely to associate this experience with your community.

Upcoming Events

Does your community have any upcoming events? Showing off your upcoming events tells prospects that life at your community is more than just a building, it’s a home. Use your confirmation email to invite prospects to attend your next event and remember to link an Eventbrite or Facebook event page so they can RSVP. If they attend one of your resident events and meet people they like, they’ll be more likely to choose your community when they are ready to lease.

Which of these confirmation email messages will your team use? Do you have another idea to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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