Five Elements of a Strong Offer

A Magic Formula? Possibly!

In the mind of a consumer, your offer can be one of the most compelling considerations when renting a new home—and the best part it is, you have complete control over it! Maybe you can’t up and move your apartment to the hottest neighborhood in town, or renovate all the apartments in your building, but you can create a compelling offer to close the deal with prospects. The next time you craft an offer for your community, try using these five tips.

1. Make it specific

Don’t leave your prospects wondering what your offer is. Generic verbiage like “Receive Our Summer Special” does not tell prospects what they are actually getting. If your offer is too long to convey in a headline, then make sure a helpful description of the offer is provided. If you have a “Summer Special” then consider providing a description such as “Enjoy a white water rafting adventure with 2 of your friends!”. If you have a great offer, let your prospects know exactly how great it is!

2. Keep it relevant

One of the main reasons incorporating offers in your lead generation strategy is so effective is because the prospect gets a substantial amount of value from the exchange. The key to creating an offer that converts is to make it relevant to your audience. Offers that give away things that someone already has or that they don’t need, aren’t going to entice someone to take the next step. Just because something is worth a lot in a financial sense doesn’t mean that it holds value for the people you are trying to reach.

3. Limit the offer period

Create a sense of urgency by making an offer only available for a limited time. If you are having trouble moving prospects who’ve been interested in you to the finish line, it might be time to create a sense of urgency.

4. Keep it consistent

Use the same message across all of your marketing channels. Whether you are promoting your offer in advertisements, on your social pages or your website, make sure to use consistent messaging on every platform to reinforce the offering and prevent confusion.

5. Include a disclaimer

When you run an offer it’s important to include a message in your marketing that makes it clear that a prospect can’t walk up to you and demand an offer that is outside of the scope of what you are willing to give. A simple “restrictions apply” message can cover your bases on most offers, but it helps to be more specific when you can. If your concession is only available on one or two floorplans state, “only available on select units”.

Stay Strong and Offer On

You probably have some great ideas stirring around in your brain right about now, but let’s recap to make sure it really sticks. Engage prospects by making the offer relevant and unique to your audience. Ensure the right mechanisms are in place to complement your relevant offer: limit the offer period, keep the offer consistent across the board, and limit liability with a well thought out disclaimer. Now let’s go out and secure leases with your new and improved offer!

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